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Made in America February 20, 2011

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Hi, My name is Diane Russell. I am a state representative from Portland, Maine. I am driving with three friends to Madison because if the levee breaks in Madison, we will all be flooded. We hope to bring supplies of food, water and coffee to tired and hungry protesters. This is my blog documenting the trip out, but also putting pen to proverbial paper on my thoughts about a class war we aren’t even allowed to discuss without being accused of wearing tin hats.

I am not a spontaneous person. Dropping everything to drive half-way across the country is not exactly a “norm” for me. In fact, I’ve never done anything like this before. But I know that if Gov. Walker’s proposal stands, that same proposal will be introduced in Maine as part of Phase II of Gov. LePage’s “Regulatory Reform.” (We call them Regulatory Rollbacks..)

You can also follow the trek on Twitter @MissWrite or on FB,

Please be sure to sign the Solidarity Letter

We are accepting donations to buy food, water, and coffee (It’s COLD there, too!) for our protesters.




10 Responses to “Made in America”

  1. Patty Says:

    One myth promoted by the class warfare strategists is that unionized LABOR has pushed jobs out of the US. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Corporate GREED in conjunction with government trade policies has pushed jobs off-shore.

    I say that LABOR, all labor ~ unionized and non-unionized ~ needs to stand in solidarity and reclaim, MADE IN THE USA!

  2. Deena Says:

    Diane, go, Woman, go! I’d be with you if I could because I’ve been there/done that. History has a way of repeating itself, unfortunately. However, it is nothing less than thrilling to see young activists today going great distances to again join with others who are standing up and shouting out for human rights…workers rights. It gives me hope because as a woman who marched against racism and for integration; who took to the streets to protest an undeclared war; who fought nonviolently with words and strikes for peace, justice, and the American way (labor unions, the work ethic) I know that justice for all and our Bill of Rights must be protected. Thank you, Diane and all who are gathering in Madison and elsewhere in the country, for sticking out your necks so we can keep our heads on straight! Freedom and Justice For All…Equality and Jobs…Education…Health Protection…Voting Privileges….

    • Leah Says:

      You people from other states need to go home. You remind me of a cult. All a bunch of followers wanting more and more. It disgusts me.

      • Ciotog17 Says:

        Ah Leah! There you go again! Intending to disparage us by calling us names but inadvertently putting your finger on the solution. Yes we do want more and more of Wisconsin money to go more and more to Wisconsin people who will do more and more of their spending in Wisconsin so more and more people can have jobs in Wisconsin and therefore more and more people in Wisconsin can have more and more of a better life in Wisconsin. Unlike Gov. Walker, who wants more and more money to go to the Koch brothers and his other billionaire buddies, so more and more Wisconsin middle class families can be turned into underpaid and easily controlled wage slaves. Ah Leah! join the cult, why don’t you? We call ourselves “humanity” and our evil goal is “basic decency for all, corrupt crony favoritism for none.” An idea whose time has surely come.

  3. Donna Says:

    Thank you from a State employee from Maine that is soon to be retired.
    What I see happening is private sector workers being pitted against state workers. The misinformation that is out about state retirees pension and how everyone thinks state workers are faceless not worth anything. Bargaining rights should not be taken away. State employees do not mind sharing the pain but it seems like the pain is only aimed at us.
    Good luck and have a safe journey.

  4. Bea M Says:

    We thank you sincerely for all the food and especially the coffee. But please, we now have almost more food than we can eat.
    Instead please donate to our fund to “repair the budget.” If each adult in Wi contributed about $33 dollars, the problem would be solved. We’re collecting now, started with $2,000 on the first pass of the bucket around the dome. If Walker can’t figure out how to do this we’ll show him.

  5. Dewey Rubdis Says:

    You are a MORON. You were elected to served in the Maine house not truck you ass half way across country because you are to stupid to understand the issue facing the people in Wis. – the state is broke becasue public employees wish to continue to suck the public tit which the private sector struggles to make ends meet.
    You are not only a MORON and FOOL you have no business returning to Maine. STAY THE HELL AWAY!!!

  6. Deena Says:

    Diane and other beings who believe in humanity as the American Way…remember not to get into pissing contests with skunks. You know who they are: often illiterate and angry, unable to spell correctly or speak in coherent whole sentences. They probably hated school and teachers, and never got a complete education. They are jealous and perhaps incapable of love and empathy except with other unhappy, grumpy, complainers who would rather argue than compromise for compatibility. I don’t need to say more.

  7. Malcomb Says:

    You would think the voters of the East End would want to be represented by a functioning adult.

    • Deena Says:

      I’ve so enjoyed watching Diane and other young, socially-&-politically- conscious ADULTS learning how to get things done with intelligence AND heart! As long as groups such as the League of Young Voters and movements such as Opportunity Maine continue to educate (and work to make education affordable and available to all) there is hope for our country and our world…OUR FUTURE. We are blessed to have representation by thinking, caring individuals who are not intimidated by ignorant, close-minded people aftaid of change, growth, and equal rights. Blessed Be!

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