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Putting your money where your mouth is February 21, 2011

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My cell phone has died and now my only connection to the outside world is the iPad I am borrowing from the little one traveling with us. I cannot refresh my email page fast enough to catch all the notifications.

In reading the HuffPost comments, most are good. It is always the negative ones that stick out. “I didn’t sound That stupid..did I?”

But they only hit for a moment because there are so many amazing people right there showing support in their words, their shares, and even their pocketbook.

The first donation came in on it’s own. “You’ve got money!” was the message. I almost deleted it thinking it was an email promising great riches.

You have $30. I looked for the extra zeros before realizing someone had sent me a contribution. Since that first donation came in at 9:00 p.m. On the 19th, 52 people from all around the country have donated, totaling nearly $1500.00 in contributions toward coffee, hot chocolate and hand warms.

It is 9:40 AM on Feb 21.

The trip has been fraught with treacherous weather and little, if any, sleep. This generosity and encouragement has shown just how committed people are to stepping up. Not everyone can get in a car and drive to Madison, but people all around the country are standing up and putting their money where their mouth is.

We are up against a well funded machine, but it is a very, very heartwarming start. You all inspire me.


10 Responses to “Putting your money where your mouth is”

  1. Kernan Cross Says:

    Thanks for what your are doing. Everyone, everyone, in your group is a hero. You shouldn’t have to be.

  2. t Says:

    You’re doing Maine proud! Take notes in case we need to reenact Madison in Augusta!

  3. David Sanderson Says:

    This is why Maine is what it is. And we may hope that Gov. LePage will find that out, from you and your colleagues.

    David Sanderson
    East Waterford, Maine

  4. Carolyn Corrao Says:

    Read about your journey on HuffPo and donated what we could. You ladies Rock! We look forward to meeting you in Portland when the crowds undoubtably take to the streets against Lepage. We’ll be there!
    The Corrao Family

  5. Maine stands behind you, Diane ~
    Stop the power grab in Wisconsin.
    Love and peace,
    Dave Wilkinson

  6. AW1 Tim Says:

    As a Maine citizen, and a taxpayer, I am demanding that you return to Maine and get back to work. You are needed here to help reduce our state budgets and drawn down the bloated Maine State Retirement system and the bloated pension deficit.

    Please, if you cannot stay here to work on behalf of the citizens who elected you to state office, then do us all a favor and resign from your seat and stay out there.

    • wiunion Says:

      I’m headed home now and look forward to bringing home what I learned in WI to advocate for working class families, for workers rights, to keep toxics out of baby bottles and to ensure all future governors are elected by a majority of the electorate. Thank you for your insight and kind words.

    • Joanne Says:

      Tim, you need to educate yourself on how the pension deficit developed in Maine. It is not the fault of the unions. Diane is working while she is in Wisconsin. I can already predict Lepage is liking what he sees out there, and she sees that too. We need to prepare ourselves to go “Cairo” on Augusta when Lepage has another brainstorm to gut the environmental legislation and/or the rights of collective bargaining units.

  7. Patty Kean Says:

    You are making the trek for all of us! And, we are well represented by a smart and courageous woman with integrity ~ someone who gets democracy, authentic representation, and the importance of the following phrases in the pledge of allegiance…”ONE nation…indivisible…with liberty AND justice for ALL…”

    We need to reunite our people ~ who have been intentionally divided by the very powerful and rich ~ often swaying people to vote against their own best interests in the name of religion, prejudices, ideology…

    As you said in the Huffington Post interview, the situation in Wisconsin is a battle in the larger class warfare that is being waged in the US and internationally.

    The unions did NOT take the jobs overseas. Greedy corporations and complicit politicians lost our jobs. Living wages can exist within capitalism ~ in fact, it is the only way a true capitalist society can survive. What we have now is NOT capitalism; rather, it is a corporate socialism and welfare for the very rich only.

    Thanks, Diane. You have renewed my hope in the Democratic Party and in the possibility that our country might be able to live according to its pledge!

    Patty Kean

  8. Valerie Robertson Says:

    Love following you and your quest!!

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